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About Us

Professional Development Company with experienced Property Management Agents.

Beverly Air is a multinational infrastructure development company with a real estate division that focuses on community projects for residential occupancy, and commercial projects for business patronage within the growing emerging markets economies worldwide.

Our History

Building innovative infrastructure projects and real estate projects in emerging markets worldwide.

Beverly Air was founded by its principals to execute mid-tier infrastructure projects within the emerging markets and Africa, the middle east, and Asia. The company was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008 to focus on bridging the diaspora American property investors with great real estate opportunities on the African Continent and in the Middle East.

Since its inception, Beverly Air has undertaken projects in multiple countries in partnership with other development companies who partner with us to fulfill their developmental vision and ambitions. We are currently focused on the development of our 500 Acre Viridian Paradise project in Volta Ghana, our 12 Acre Viridian Beach Project in Accra Ghana, our 5 Acre Medicare Industrial Park in Shama Ghana, our 13 Acre Andam Fresh Beverage Factory in Apowa Ghana, our 100 Acre Prolific Sports Academy in Senya Breku Ghana, our 400 Acre Beachfront project in Nzema, our 11,000 hectors farming development projects in Swedru, Northern Region, and Eastern Regions of Ghana, our 15 Acre development project in Kenya, our 50 Acre development in Uganda, our 70 Acre project in Lamberts Bay, and our Mandela Bay project which is in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

We are working on other development partnerships in Belize, Maldives, Bali, St. Kitts, and other exotic zones that we have been engaged by our partners to bring our development expertise into implementation to help achieve the visions that have been defined for the projects we are undertaking.

What We Do

Your projects are our Priority.

Our services provide the solution you need to meet your property development ambitions.

Property Agent

Engage Beverly Air agents to get the best quality of services in your property endeavor.


Our interior designers provide world-class services when engaged to support your interior decoration needs for your property project.


We are currently providing services for exterior designs, 3 D modeling of your property, and a full schema layout of what you can expect to see when developing your project.


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We are here to assist you in bringing to life your dream project or property development need. Please contact us so we take the time to help initiate your dream development.

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