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About Us

Delivering the best properties within Africa!

Our team works with our dedicated clients to fulfill their property needs and, in the process, build a nation owned by its citizenry, and designed to meet a countries progressive development agenda.

What We Offer

Professional Service

Property Agent

Our agents are here to work for you. Choose the one who meets your needs.


We house the best interior designers and decorators to deliver your dreams. Hire us today!


Our skilled artisans are ready to meet any challenge. Click to learn more.


We will deliver your renovation needs at affordable cost. Work with our team.


Our architects and engineers are ready to work with you. Engage us now.


When it comes to building your dream, we are your rightful partner.


Explore our project portfolio and enjoy our great vision for Africa

Our projects are focused on the emancipation of Ghana and Africa into a modern world of developed communities and industries. Review each project to appreciate our vision, mission, and ambitions as a company.


Breeze Bay

Located in the luxury marine drive enclave is Breeze Bay, a tranquil gated community of luxury residential homes.

Ocean Creek

Located in the heart of Viridian Paradise Island is Ocean Creek, a gated wealthy residential community which allows only multimillionaires to buy property within its enclave

Viridian Villas

Nested on the main central road of East Legon Hills is this beautiful multipurpose commercial project of mixed-use apartment and retail shops.

Timeless Apartments

Nested in the serene beachfront development along the southern edge of Viridian Paradise Island is the apartment complex that is built to suit the needs of young adults looking for a more vibrant environment to establish themselves.

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Property Service

We Help you to Get an Excellent Home.

Our dedicated staff members will help you buy your home of choice within your budget. If we can’t find it for you, we will build you one that meets your need.

Buy Properties

Buying a property within our portfolio or through our agents is simple and easy. You choose what you desire and watch us deliver it to you.

Sell Properties

Engage our agents to sell your property. Our team of agents will deliver to you the Best Buy rate for your property.

Rent Properties

Let our team of agents connect you to the best rental property that meets your accommodation needs. Let us work for you.

Viridian Villas

Our property pricing within this apartment complex ranges between

$80,000 to $200,000

Breeze Bay

Our property pricing within this luxury residential property located at Marine Drive in the Greater Accra region of Ghana ranges between

$450,000 to $850,000

Why Choose Us

Passion and Consistent Delivery to our clients are the Keys to our Success.

Our team listens to our clients and identify their needs and dreams to make them a reality in the property development sector. We are professional and we are proud of our accomplishments.


We have a creative team that is always ready to deliver the vision our clients have for their ultimate dream home.


We work with passion and focus when it comes to delivering our clients needs. Our passion for what we do is reflective in our project completion and delivery to our clients.


Our team of engineers, sales and marketing, operations, administration, finance, and construction have a combine experience of over 50 years in the development sector.

24/7 Support

Contact our team to get the best support in the Real Estate sector. Review our website to know what you need and connect with us to bring you the support you need.


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Your dream of owning a property comes with the need to find the right company to help you achieve that goal. We are here to make sure that you get the best value when getting your dream home. Contact us today and lets get to work in putting you in your own home.

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